Hearing aids & Speech Clinic

Yes, we understand – what it means to be able to hear the voice of your loved ones.

How we can help

Hearing Clinic provides state of the art hearing aids at its Srinagar center. At Hearing Clinic patient’s listening needs are understood and given personalized attention by experienced and expert teams. Hearing Clinic offers early detection and early intervention of speech and hearing disorders and latest hearing aid and cochlear implant technology.

Why Choose us

Our team of experienced hearing and speech specialists along with the state of art hearing aids and evaluation equipment makes us the best facility in Kashmir valley, particularly Srinagar city.


Our Vision

To bring state-of-the-art hearing healthcare facilities within the reach of every Kashmiri. We are committed to providing such facilities on a minimum-profit basis with utmost confidentiality and customized treatment.

Our Mission

To develop and provide the best client-centric hearing and speech facility in Kashmir, to help our fellow Kashmiris rediscover and lead quality life.


With the underlying client obsessive policies, we continue to deliver best. It is in essence our commitment to enable you to listen to your beloved voices.


We understand the importance of your health data in our times and ensure utmost confidentiality and privacy.

Patients Testimonials

“Hearing Clinic Srinagar has helped me with my hearing loss and I think it's one of the best hearing aids facilities in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. I wish them success in their pursuit of helping the troubled community of Jammu and Kashmir."
Muhammad Aslam
Rajbagh, Srinagar

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